‘Man in Black’ Tom Brady Flaunts His $700,000 Worth Ultra Rare 1:1 Replica Patek Philippe Timepiece on Social Media

NFL GOAT Tom Brady, who called it quits a few months ago, is thoroughly enjoying his time off the field. In fact, the dapper athlete recently flaunted his ultra-rare $700,000 worth perfect fake Patek Philippe on social media after which, fans absolutely lost their minds.

Brady, sporting a magnificent ‘Man in Black’ look, took to Instagram on Monday to share a story in which he looked like an absolute movie star who likes to wear incredibly expensive watches. In addition to that, the matching tie and stylish sunglasses added the needed flair to his overall look.

Tom Brady Flaunts His Rare luxury fake Patek Philippe 2499 Watch
Tom Brady, recently took to his Instagram story to showcase his fashion sense. The former New England Patriots legend was looking elegant in a sleek black suit. He paired the ensemble with an elegant tie, high-end sunglasses and an ultra premium copy wristwatch.

As soon as Brady treated his followers to the view of his extraordinary timepiece, with a caption, “IYKYK” (If You Know, You Know), they went crazy. As per InsaneLuxuryVintage, Brady’s wristwatch is none other than the aaa quality replica Patek Philippe 2499 perpetual calendar chronograph.

The vintage timepiece, which was launched in 1951, has a fascinating history, as it was popularized by John Lennon around a month before his demise. Apparently, it remained in production for 35 years during which only 349 pieces were curated. The rare Swiss made fake Patek Philippe is estimated to be worth around $700,000.

Tom Brady Corrected the ‘3800’ Watch Label Error
When it comes to Tom Brady, his passion for high quality replica watches definitely knows no bounds. A few months ago, the NFL GOAT demonstrated just how much he cares about the accuracy of watch-related details. Brady reached out to the InsaneLuxuryVintage Instagram page via direct messages to set the record straight about one of his watches.

The page had erroneously labeled the cheap super clone Patek Philippe that he was wearing at Michael Rubin’s 4th of July party in the Hamptons as the ‘3800’. However, Brady, having an eagle eye for watch specifics, decided to correct them. As a matter of fact, Brady was donning the Swiss movement replica Patek Phillipe Nautilus ‘Jumbo’ 3700 at Michael Rubin’s party with an all-white theme. The ‘Jumbo’ 3700 is in itself a rare timepiece and Brady apparently didn’t like it when the details of the watch went wrong.

Eventually, the page rectified the information while sharing the correct watch details along with a screenshot of Brady’s correction. The NFL icon is a big fan of luxury super clone watches and his dedication to the details of these top quality replica watches leaves nothing to the imagination.