Christie’s Will Held Three Treasure Auctions Including Precious Replica Patek Philippe To Celebrate Its 50th Anniversary

Three auctions will be held in Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues by Christie’s from November 11 to November 13 to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Many global precious jewelries, luxury copy watches and vintage wine will be presented then.

There will be totally more than 200 pieces of watches including the modern models and antique models presented on the auction. The highlight must be the Patek Philippe Ref.2499 limited edition which is rare and precious.

The Patek Philippe has retained multiple complex functions including the perpetual calendar and moon phase.
Gold Case Replica Patek Philippe Watch

As the one and only model of the first generation Ref.2499 sold by SERPICO Y LAINO, CARACAS, the brown leather strap copy Patek Philippe is very rare and precious. Created in 1952, this timepiece has been preserved very well. It has been equipped with multiple complex functions including the moon phase, perpetual calendar and chronograph function.

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