Introducing Extraordinary Patek Philippe Replica Watches Created 100 Years Ago

Have you seen the picture of the first Patek Philippe? During 1860s to 1870s, Patek Philippe began too manufacture the first batch of watches especially for women. Patek Philippe created the watches that can worn on the wrists which were quite different from those launched in earlier days. In 1868, Patek Philippe sold the first wristwatch No.27368 to Koscowicz Countess in Hungary.

The timepiece looks very glorious and eye-catching.
White Enamel Dial Fake Patek Philippe No.27368

The perfect Patek Philippe fake watch was designed with a rectangle case and there are many rose gold cut diamonds engraved on the case. With the white enamel dial, Breguet numbers and blue hands, decorative case and bracelet, the whole model looks too noble and eye-catching.

Many models created in early time could be considered as artistic works. However, with the popularity of watches in the female market, more functional designs have begun to emerge. British women were the earliest group who began to be interested in the design of wristwatches. They seek more practical watches that can be worn in sports such as horse riding and hunting. This type of watch was first matched with a leather strap. And later the gold bracelet design has been added, which can be selectively worn according to different occasions.

These special decorative watches were very popular in early days.
Artistic Patek Philippe Imitation Watches

At beginning of 1900s, the demand for wristwatches and pendant watches was very huge. Have a look at the picture please, this glorious knockoff watches are artistic too.

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