Is Cheap Online Patek Philippe Aquanaut Fake Watches Becoming The Next Nautilus?

For Swiss 1:1 replica watches brand to pull one of its best-selling and most sought-after timepieces speaks to its management’s backbone, as well as said Swiss movements fake watches’ staggering popularity. But as it turns out, interest in US Patek Philippe replica watches’ stainless steel Nautilus is far from waning.

Despite discontinuing the legendary blue-dialled Ref 5711/1A-010 in favour of a brand new olive green version, the latter is already on its way to becoming the next frenzy-inducing obsession. This July, a Ref 5711/1A-014 went under the hammer for US$470,000 (S$640,065) at an Antiquorum auction. That’s more than 10 times the retail price of the AAA replica watches.

The brand probably anticipated this, because just one month after unveiling the new Nautiluses, it released seven new Aquanauts and Aquanaut Luces as a follow up. Some may see the high quality Patek Philippe Aquanaut fake watches as the younger, sportier, consolation prize to those who can’t get their hands on the Gerald Genta-designed predecessor, but the perfect replica Patek Philippe Aquanaut watches has been slowly forming its own little cult over the years. If anything, the unattainability of the Nautilus seems to be driving up demand – and prices – of the Aquanaut.

“My father bought best fake Patek Philippe Aquanaut Ref 5167 watches a few years ago for S$24,000, and it wasn’t long before the market rate for it went up to S$26,000 to S$27,000,” shared Jarod Ng, co-founder of secondary market cheap fake watches retailer Watch Capital. “I convinced him to sell it, but it turned out to be a bad decision on my part because we recently sold the same model for S$72,000.”

There are precious metal and complicated versions of the top Patek Philippe Aquanaut fake watches but, like Rolex and Audemars Piguet’s sports replica watches online, the steel ones are where the money’s at. The Ref 5167/1A in particular, is sought after for most closely resembling the Nautilus.

“Very high global demand coupled with low supply has pushed prices through the roof. Everyone wants the sure-win lottery ticket after looking at the market prices,” said the owner of local pre-owned best quality knockoff watches store who declined to be named.

“Entering at this price point isn’t exactly investing; it’s just speculating if you’re hoping for growth. You must be able to afford the risk if you want to buy one at the current market price, because I think these premiums will stay for the next couple of years.”

But to buy most luxuries for their potential investment value would be to disregard what made them desirable in the first place. Genta pedigree or no, the wholesale Patek Philippe Aquanaut replica watches is a fine-looking copy watches for sale with plenty to offer those who actually want to wear it.

“[The Aquanaut] allowed the brand to take on a more youthful and adventurous persona. The Nautilus, despite being sports replica watches for men, was still highly refined and elegant,” opined Tom Chng, president of the Singapore Watch Club. “The luxury fake Patek Philippe Aquanaut watches’ beauty lies in its ability to fade into the background. It doesn’t scream for attention, yet is reliable, sturdy and utilitarian. On the wrist it is understated yet remarkably handsome.”

Twenty-four years since its launch, it still is all those things. The two new men’s super clone watches shop in white gold with a green or graduated black and blue dial reinforce the brand’s lighter side, while five diamond-set AAA luxury replica Patek Philippe Aquanaut Luce watches in white or pink gold, in quartz or automatic versions, expand the options for ladies.

If you’re looking for an older model, Chng is partial to the Ref 5065A. “It retains the design cues of the first-generation pieces, but in a contemporary 38mm ‘jumbo’ size. The classical proportions of this reference ages very well, and it is a collectible piece that properly captures the essence of the lineage.”

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