Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse Ref.5738 Fake Watches With Self-Winding Mechanical Movements

It is the 50th birthday of Golden Ellipse this year. Patek Philippe launched two new models to celebrate it, however, only the rose gold version Ref.5738R was display on the official site. In fact, the other model of Golden Ellipse was firstly released in 2008 which was only available in platinum. It was released to celebrate its 40th anniversary. Today I will introduce the two pieces of noble Patek Philippe replica watches that were released to celebrate its 50th birthday.

The integrated design of this model manifests the elegance and nobility perfectly.
Rose Gold Case Copy Patek Philippe

The size of the new models is 34.5×39.5mm. Taking golden section as its creating concept, the Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse imitation with ebony black dial features a dial with distinctive shape, which is between a circle and a rectangle, making it one of the most recognizable wristwatches of the brand. The ratio of its width and length is strictly following the golden section rule, which is exactly 0.618. Adorned with an ebony black sunburst dial, on which the hands and hour markers are made from rose gold, the dial looks more charming and attractive. It will be more suitable for formal occasions with the black leather strap fitted on the rose gold case.

The cufflinks with the same material and design have been released to match the watch for formal occasion.
Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse Replica With Black Enamel Dial

The other model has been released with a limit amount. The size is exactly the same with the rose gold model, however, the design of the dial combines the craftsmanship of enamel and golden eagle. On the black dial of the knockoff watch with white gold case has been adorned with symmetrical pattern of vines. The case back has been engraved with lettering “1968-2018” which demonstrates the time that Golden Ellipse was created.

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