Rockstars rocking vintage watches – yellow gold replica Patek Philippe Edition

Celebrity watch spotting is a pastime of watch enthusiasts — there is something more genuine about a best replica watch in the wild on a famous wrist than a planted timepiece as part of a contractual ambassadorship. While many opt for flashy precious metal and gemstone-covered replica watches for sale to convey a sense of status and success that ties to their celebrity, those in the know can tell which celebrities are truly one of us. Usually by displaying impeccable taste with Phillips-worthy vintage creations slapped on their wrists. This kicks off a three-part series of rockstars rocking vintage watches — spotted with some help from Nick Gould — that any mere mortal would kill to have in their collection.

Adam Levine – blue dial perfect replica Patek Philippe Nautilus ref. 3800
While many opt for the coveted 5711/A in stainless steel, Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine proves he is above following trends by pairing his wrist with the classically sized 3800 in yellow gold. While very similar to its modern sibling, the JLC-based movement, smaller proportions, and older dial font have a timelessness that newer versions have seemed to have lost. As the saying goes, respect your elders – and Adam Levine clearly respects the earlier origins of the coveted Nautilus lineup.

John Mayer – gold case luxury fake Patek Philippe ref. 3970EJ
John Mayer has spent a veritable fortune on watches, and the resulting collection would have an eye-watering value, no doubt applying a multiple to the original outlay. But it’s not as simple as simply having the money to do it. Credit must go to Mayer for having the smarts and the instincts to amass one of the best watch collections in the world. He has educated himself on all things vintage, going so far as to even provide guest columns for the Hodinkee website – with his Talking Watches videos some of the most viewed watch-related content in the world.
This explains why Mr John C. Mayer wears a Swiss movement copy Patek Philippe ref. 3970EJ in yellow gold to a Lakers game like it’s no big deal. This 36mm perpetual calendar chronograph was introduced in 1986, and had a production run of almost 20 years. It has been known to be one of the more affordable (still expensive by normal standards) Patek Philippe high-complication pieces, but as people have become more and more aware of its value, prices have begun to increase – further proving John Mayer makes vintage prices move. Gold Daytona, anyone?

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