The Complete Buying Guide To AAA Best Patek Philippe Replica Watches

Like Rolex, Patek Philippe is an independent brand, and so this storied Swiss watchmaker has carved an esoteric path through the thickets of horology to create what many argue are the very best watches in the world. “Best,” of course, doesn’t mean perfect. Naysayers armed with a flimsy (and deeply ironic) anti-luxury ethos typically target the high prices and then have little left to say, because US luxury Patek Phillipe replica watches — even if you don’t like the thing or what you presume it stands for — is an undeniably awesome piece of human ingenuity.

Patek Philippe’s History

Established in 1839, the company now known as high quality Patek Philippe fake watches was founded by Polish watchmakers Antoni Patek and (Czech-born) Franciszek Czapek. A few short years later, the two went separate ways, leading to Czapek & Cie. and Patek partnering with French watchmaker Adrien Philippe. And the rest is history.

Not really, of course. The company has since developed a vast collection that currently includes over 160 watches and over 50 in-house movements. Patek made watches for royalty in the 1800s and hyper-complicated masterpieces like the famous Henry Graves Supercomplication pocket watch. But this doesn’t quite explain the brand’s rise to its current lionized status. Under first Philippe Stern and subsequently his son and current president Thierry, the brand has thrived in the modern era. It’s known for highly complex and elegant perpetual calendar watches, some of the finest finishing in the business — and, of course, the sporty and legendary Nautilus.

For an exhaustive list of all that’s on offer, we suggest ordering Patek Philippe catalog. It is an elegant picture book that deserves a spot on any serious watch fan’s shelf. For those who are looking to navigate this dense collection without wading through the complex marketing rhetoric, we have assembled the following relatively stripped-down guide to get you well acquainted with perfect replica Patek Philippe watches in short order.

Why Are Patek Philippe Watches So Expensive?

Patek is no ordinary watch brand. It’s a darling of collectors for its approach to and execution of its craft, widely regarded as representing tradition and excellence in watchmaking — and it’s deserving of this reputation. Call it art, if you will, but this kind of thing doesn’t come cheap for a number of reasons (explaining exactly why watches can be so expensive can be tricky). While the sticker price of Swiss movements Patek Philippe copy watches start at five figures and goes (way) up from there, the brand isn’t alone in its price segment.

The sticker price isn’t what Patek watches are best known for. It’s at auctions where you’ll find the craziest watch prices, and two brands utterly dominate the scene: Rolex and Patek Philippe. The most expensive watch ever sold at auction is a Patek Philippe. The brand has a feverish following among collectors, but it’s even broken into the mainstream consciousness thanks to, primarily, the coveted Nautilus as many celebrities’ flex of choice.

Patek Philippe Watch Collections

Let’s first get our heads around the major categories within the Patek Philippe collection.

Nautilus: An icon of the 1970s that helped Patek Philippe enter the sports watch market in 1976.

Aquanaut: Brought out in 1997 as an affordable alternative to the Nautilus, these watches have become hard to come by, especially in steel.

Calatrava: 1:1 replica Patek Philippe’s Bauhaus-inspired round dress watches, first released in the late 1920s. Typically simple and elegant, with time and date only, these blank canvases also get paved with diamonds.

Complications: Usually housing two or three complications (mechanical devices that do something other than telling the time), these watches range from clean and simple dials to deeply decorative ones.

Grand Complications: Within horology, a grand complication has several complications within one watch. There’s no hard line, but most folks agree that (excluding a date mechanism) three complications or more constitutes a grand complication.

Golden Ellipse: Originally issued in 1968, these truly unique oblong ultra-thin top Patek Philippe fake watches are available again in an updated larger size. Some of the most elegant time-only watches ever created.

Twenty~4: 36mm and smaller, round or square, mechanical or quartz, these are dress watches for women.

Nautilus Collection

Some would say that Swiss made Patek Philippe replica watches was playing catch up to Audemars Piguet’s groundbreaking Royal Oak when it hired acclaimed designer Gerald Genta in the 1970s, but the resulting watch, the Nautilus, went on to be a disco-era classic unto itself. Today the demand is so high that you’ll have to wiggle your way onto a long waitlist to get one.

Aquanaut Collection

Launched in 1997, the Aquanaut was Patek’s attempt to offer a more affordable sports watch. It is, however, an incredibly cool, water-ready watch that has a sportier edge than the China Patek Philippe Nautilus replica watches, largely due to the bold numerals and its iconic mid-century dial engraving (until they pave it with diamonds, that is).

Calatrava Collection

During the Great Depression, Patek launched the Calatrava as a Bauhaus-inspired solution to the draining bank accounts of America and Europe (very few folks were buying complicated wristwatches then). Like many solutions to hardship, the Calatrava broke the mold and set Patek Philippe ahead as a modern-thinking company. Today, these elegant Patek Philippe replica watches for sale defy the ages to appear as current as ever.


Often featuring two or more complications (or non-time-telling devices), there are currently 36 individual models within this line from Patek Philippe fake watches paypal. We direct you to their Complications Page to explore all of them, but we’ve selected some representative models that are sure to whet your appetite for these hand-made beauties.

Grand Complications

With 36 current models, the Grand Complications are how Patek Philippe shows off. Including minute repeaters (chiming mechanical devices), tourbillons (rotating escapements), incredible celestial maps, and more, these watches are haute horlogerie personified. To see the entire current line of best quality replica Patek Philippe Grand Complications watches, visit this page, or simply peruse our selections below for a digestible taste.

Golden Ellipse Collection

When these cheap super clone Patek Philippe watches came out in 1968, there really wasn’t anything like them on the market. Ultra-thin, often paired with dripping gold bracelets reminiscent of an Antoni Gaudi cathedral, and able to jive with that era’s Armani and YSL suiting, the Golden Ellipse didn’t just depart from Patek Phillip’s aesthetic, but from that of all of horology. Reissued recently in an updated larger size, the Gold Ellipse has been warmly welcomed back into the Patek lineup.

Twenty-4 Collection

Back in 1998, Patek Philippe introduced this line of smaller, mostly jeweled watches. Especially in the bigger-is-better late 1990s, these were truly aimed at women, and remain so today. The largest is the round 7300 model at 36mm.

Gondolo Collection

Also aimed at women, these smaller Patek Philippe replica watches store site come in an assortment of elegant and traditionally feminine shapes, often encrusted with diamonds. These art-deco watches allow Patek Philippe to dip into its storied history, offering early 20th Century elegance in the digital era. Time telling plays second fiddle to the jewels throughout this lineup. Definitely not what she’ll be wearing to the gym. Sizes and prices vary.

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