The Lowest Estimated Price Of Replica Patek Philippe Aquanaut Ref.5060 Is 50,000 Swiss Francs

The perfect fake Patek Philippe watch will be sold at Antiquorum. The case and movement of this rare model are separately decorated with the words of “PROTOTYPE” and “LABO”. Meanwhile, it has been equipped with the function of indicating power reserve.

The Patek Philippe Aquanaut is rare and precious.
Precious Patek Philippe Aquanaut Imitation Watch

The “Iridium” power reserve indication at 11 o’clock is the iconic feature of Nautilus Ref.3710/1A. Why is it called “Iridium”? When the watch is wound, the pointer moves from narrow to wide. Once the string is full, if the string continues to be wound, the entire power storage indicator will rotate, like a meteor across the sky. In 2005, Patek Philippe gave up this feature after the discontinuation of Nautilus Ref.3710/1A.

The lowest estimated price of this model is 50,000 Swiss francs.
Black Rubber Strap Copy Patek Philippe

In 1997, Patek Philippe officially released the Philippe Aquanaut Ref.5060A which was more casual and cheaper than Nautilus. But one year later, the Nautilus ref.3710 was launched which was equipped with calibre 330 that was as same as the ref.5060. This Patek Philippe Aquanaut copy with black dial is a pure prototype.So it is very rare and precious. The estimated price is between 50,000 to 80,000 Swiss francs.

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