The Most Beautiful Starry Sky Wristwatch I have Ever Seen – Patek Philippe Ref.5120

Is there a wristwatch that allows you to grasp the vast starry sky and bright Milky Way to your hand? The answer is yes. The amazing Patek Philippe fake watch made it. You will feel like all the universe has been on your hand when wearing such a grand wristwatch.

The timepiece presents the beauty and exquisiteness to the extreme.
White Gold Case Fake Patek Philippe Watch

Ref.5120 has been created on basis of Ref.5002 which was regarded as a King watch of Patek Philippe launched in 2001. It concentrated several complicated functions including minute repeater, perpetual calendar, tourbillon and starry sky. Ref.5102 was released in 2002 which had removed the functions of minute repeater, perpetual calendar and tourbillon and only the starry sky was left. I don’t consider Ref.5002 is a beautiful wristwatch for it should be equipped with several functions, so the watch is so big and so thick. However, the Ref.5002 takes it to extremes.

The sophisticated movement could be viewed through the transparent caseback.
Black Leather Strap Replica Patek Philippe Ref.5102

The blue dial copy Patek Philippe Ref.5120 is quite different from ordinary starry sky timepiece. Its starry sky is not printed a thin covering of the stars on the dial, instead, a three-layer dial is used. The bottom layer is the moon-shaped profit and loss plate, the middle is the dark blue disk, and the top is the star-shaped sapphire dial.
It is worth noting that although there is only one layer has been adorned with stars, Patek Philippe handles it on both sides. Coupled with the reflection on the dark blue dial in the middle, a total of three layers of effect can be brought, so it will appear that the stars are layered.

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