Two Most Expensive Patek Philippe Replica Watches Sold On EBay In 2019

There are nearly 200 million active users and more than 1.2 billion auctioned products dealt on eBay in 2019. So you’d expect that the products should be very very particular if it has been listed as the top 20 products. Today’s two perfect fake Patek Philippe watches are among those products sold at extremely high price.

Patek Philippe 5270G-001

The rose gold case and bracelet endow the timepiece with nobility and luxury.
Rose Gold Case Fake Patek Philippe Ref.5270

The white gold case copy Patek Philippe 5270G-001 was sold at 125,000 dollars. Ref.5270 has used the brand’s first self-manufactured perpetual calendar chronograph movement – Cal.29-535 PS Q. The black gold hands are in stark contrast to the white dial, greatly improving the readability.

Patek Philippe 5270/1R

The white gold Patek Philippe was sold at high price on eBay.
Black Leather Strap Fake Patek Philippe

The second one is a ref.5270 too which was sold at 139,500 dollars. Usually Patek Philippe will not equip its complicated models with standard precious metal bracelet, but this knockoff watch with black dial has broken the situation. With the rose gold case and bracelet, the model has been reinforced with great luxury and nobility.

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