Two Remarkable Patek Philippe Replica Watches For Recommendation

Christie’s held the auction of “Night of Outstanding Timepieces” at the beginning of this month and the products create two world’s record. The total sale price at the auction achieved to 5,861,000 dollars, among which a pieces of white gold case copy Patek Philippe was sold at 1,155,000 dollars, creating the world’s auction record of this model.

The timepiece has been equipped with the functions of perpetual calendar and moonphase.
Extraordinary Patek Philippe Ref.3448 Knockoff

It is a perfect imitation watch with white dial which has been equipped with multiple complicated functions of moon phase and perpetual calendar. The overall design of this Patek Philippe is concise and elegant.

The blue hand is striking on the silver dial.
Steel Bracelet Fake Patek Philippe Ref.1463

The second one that breaks the record is the Vacheron Constantin Ref.4261 which was sold at 356,000 dollars. There’s another Patek Philippe sold at the auction too. It is the steel version which was launched in 1958. That model was sold at 423,000 dollars.

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