Which Watch Does CEO Of Replica Patek Philippe Wear?

Referring to the men who know much about the wristwatches, Philippe Stern must be included of those men. As the CEO of the perfect fake Patek Philippe, the watch he wearers must draw the attention of the watch lovers. So which watch does he wear?


The tiempiece was created for the competition in watchmaking industry.
Black Leather Strap Patek Philippe Fake

The owner of this gold case copy watch is exactly Philippe Stern. You may consider that it is an ordinary model, in fact, it is a legendary model that was created to take part in the competition of Observatory Chronometer.


The timepiece has been equipped with multiple functions.
Elegant Patek Philippe Calatrava Fake Watch

In addition to that Ref.3369, he has another outstanding model – Patek Philippe Calatrava imitation with brown leather strap. The charm of this model is because of its elegance, classics and stability. Although it has combined multiple functions, the dial is still very clear and pure.

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