Straight off the bat, this watch is a real charmer: the 24-hour display, the gorgeous gold appliqué markers, the dual-time zone functionality. It was instantly the fake watch I was most looking forward to seeing from Patek at Watches & Wonders and it more than delivered when I got to strap it to my wrist.

We’ve already mentioned Patek’s storied history and here it is in full effect: the latest addition to the Calatrava lineup takes its inspiration from the No. P-527 pocket watch made for Brazilian retailer Gondolo & Labouriau in 1905. The perfect replica Patek Philippe Chronometero Gondolo pocket watch featured a distinctive 24-hour dial and, more than a century later, it’s this rather lovely mechanism that has made its way onto a Calatrava for the very first time.

Patek Philippe fake for sale has made the Travel Time complication, also known as dual-time complication, a recurring signature in recent years and, here, the pairing of local and home time using two central hands has great legibility on this 24-hour display. It’s a clever solution for your everyday frequent flyers.

Really, though, the beauty of this watch is in the execution. The sunburst blue finish and contrasting white chapter rings, the circular finished central dial and snailed small seconds, the 44 hand-applied gold Arabic numerals and cabochon five-minute markers (the most 1:1 fake Patek Philippe have on any watch, I’m told) each of which is filled with lume. It’s a feast.

I do need to get one bugbear out of the way: AAA quality replica Patek Philippe’s decision to place noon at the usual 12 o’clock position, as opposed to midnight being at the top of the dial, feels awkward to me. I’ve heard differing explanations for this, ranging from this being an aesthetic move (“12 belongs at the top of the dial” etc) to others suggesting this is a practical decision (“why would you have the early hours of the morning at the top of the dial?”), both of which are justifiable arguments. Personally, however, I find it a little odd reading 12/13/14/15 as the first numbers on a super clone watch, rather than the traditional 12/1/2/3/4. Call me old fashioned, but that’s my gripe about a watch I otherwise adore.

For the movement, cheap fake Patek Philippe has plumped for its new-ish Calibre 21-260 PS FUS, which features a patented three-position crown that handily allows you to set the local and home time in either direction in one-hour increments. Using the same base calibre as the In-Line Perpetual Calendar from 2021, this lets you to set everything via the crown rather than cluttering the aesthetic with pushers.

This is Patek Philippe copy online firing on all cylinders: a watch informed by its past, chock full of the latest tech, and finished to exemplary standards. If this doesn’t make you smile, then watches simply aren’t for you, sir.