Luxury Patek Philippe Ref.6301P Replica Watches With Black Dials For Sale

Swiss fake Patek Philippe is known as the manufacturer that has mastered every classic complication. This also includes all conceivable percussion functions, from the alarm to the minute repeater to the petite and grande sonnerie. The latter strikes the quarter of an hour in combination with the corresponding hour, while the “small percussion” only strikes the quarter of an hour and only strikes the hour on the hour.

Patek Philippe replica has had these complications individually or in various combinations since the 19th century. What is new, however, is the implementation of a Grande Sonnerie in a watch for the wrist. This makes the “Grande Sonnerie Reference 6301P” a real milestone in the model history of the Geneva manufacturer.

Three striking mechanisms, three gongs
The wearer of the new mechanical work of art can choose between Grande and Petite Sonnerie or, if desired, deactivate the striking mechanism by moving a slider between the lower lugs to the respective position. In addition, the luxury replica Patek Philippe Complications Ref.6301P with black dial has a minute repeater which acoustically indicates the time after pressing the crown pusher. Now the hours sound as dark beats, the quarter hours as light-dark and the individual minutes as light tones. Overall, Patek Philippe installed three gongs for the percussion functions, which ensure a pure and clearly differentiable sound. The power reserves of the movement and striking mechanism can be read on circular segment-shaped displays at nine and three o’clock. When fully wound, the actual movement runs for three, the striking mechanism in the Grande Sonnerie position runs for a full day. It is wound by turning the crown in both directions.

Jumping second
But the 37 millimeter large and 7.5 millimeter high, comparatively flat hand-wound caliber GS 36-750 PS IRM has even more to offer: For the small seconds at six o’clock, high quality fake Patek Philippe uses a patented mechanism with wheels and a rocker to turn the pointer every second to let jump. Apart from the innovative technical solution, the jumping second is also one of the classic complications. With it, early watchmakers wanted to restore the time unit of the second, which is broken up by the balance frequency of mechanical  Swiss movements replica watches. The numerous functions are housed in a 44.8 millimeter large and 12 millimeter high platinum case, which has a flawless Top Wesselton diamond between the upper lugs. It comes with a sapphire crystal case back and, for purists, an additional platinum case back. The dial of the “Grande Sonnerie Reference 6301P” is made of Grand Feu enamel with a gloss finish. The total work of art costs 1.2 million euros.

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