Philippe Dufour Explains The Goals Of Time Aeon And Oscillon (Video) Replica Watches For Sale

The Le Garde Temps Naissance d’une Montre project, which made news with the sale of the prototype at Christie’s in Hong Kong, where it hammered for a sensational $1,461,507 (HK$11,296,000), had one goal in mind: to make an entire high-end tourbillon watch by hand using traditional techniques and crafts. See A Hero’s Journey Begins And Ends: Naissance d’Une Montre, Le Garde Temps and Le Garde Temps Prototype By Greubel Forsey And Philippe Dufour Hammers For $1.46 Million At Auction. Cheap Replica Watches.

As the Naissance d’une Montre project will be concluded when the eleven pieces are completed, Time Aeon, whose main objective is to perpetuate the art of handmade mechanical watchmaking, had invited three students from three different watchmaking schools to learn the handmade way of working in horology – on display at SIHH 2017. Luxury Fake Watches Online.

Philippe Dufour takes time out to talk to Marc-André Deschoux at the fair in this Watches TV video.

See a full explanation of Time Aeon’s purpose at Time Aeon Foundation And Oscillon Exhibiting Traditional Hand Craft At The 2017 SIHH.

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