Swiss Made Fake Patek Philippe Pilot Travel Time ref. 7234G

When it comes to their sportier watches, Patek Philippe replica watches online store has recently upscaled the diameters of their references – but there are exceptions to the rule.

For those who like more classically sized timepieces, this 37.5mm perfect fake Patek Philippe Pilot Travel Time 7234G is a great watch to look into. Unofficially many consider the 42mm version to be the “men’s” watch, while the 37.5mm version a “ladies” watch. I call bulls**t. Patek Phillipe aptly names this reference the mid-size, as that is really what it is. If you can stomach its retail price, this is a fabulous Patek Philippe to add to your collection, regardless of your gender. The Travel Time complication is great for jet setters, or in these times someone who needs to keep track of the time of the various regions they are having zoom calls with.

The 7234G fits right into the sporty elegance category, leveraging a classically sized white gold case luxury copy Patek Philippe Calatrava with an upgraded 60 metres of water resistance. And who doesn’t want to stare at the exquisite finishing applied to the in-house caliber 324 S C FUS viewable via the exhibition caseback. Price: $67,170

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