Magnificent Rose Gold Fake Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse For Hot Sale

The Golden Ellipse collection has a longer history among all the other collections of Patek Philippe which is only shorter than Calatrava, created in 1932.The first Golden Ellipse watch was launched in 1968 which is designed to be fashion-forward and graceful,showing the unique glamour attracting many watch lovers.Golden Ellipse has achieved great success in 1970s and 1980s,not only becomes the classic model of Patek Philippe, but also making Patek Philippe to be the symbol of the global trend of fashion taste.In memory of its 50th anniversary,Patek Philippe has created a new rose gold fake timepiece.

Gold hour markers fitted on the black dial make the watch fascinating.
Fake Charming Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse

The case dimensions of the new high-quality copy Patek Philippe  with black leather strap is 34.5×39.5mm which is jokingly called the larger size of “Jumbo”.Jumbo was launched in 2008 to memorize its 40th birthday that is made from platinum.The color of the dial is ebony black brings the feeling of peace,like lying to enjoy the deep darkness night.

Along with the 18k gold plate,the hands are also made from 18K gold.
Solid Case Back Patek Philippe Replica Watches

The self-winding mechanical Patek Philippe imitation watches usually remind of the precious time of the past. They are equipped with Calibre 240 and the water resistance is to 30 meters.Patek Philip also launches the cuff links to match the distinguished model.The cuff links are made from 18K gold and designed to be ebony black which is the same as the watch.

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